SINGLE REVIEW: Dominic Fike – Phone Numbers

Dominic Fike is a rising star. ‘3 Nights’ is still on global heavy rotation and his recent singles ‘Acai Bowl’ and ‘Rollerblades’ have continued the strong traction in the lead up to his debut album. Dropping another smooth single, the Florida rapper reflects on friends intentions on ‘Phone Numbers’. With his new fame status it’s no surprise that people close to him are trying to cash in on that success and ride the wave with him. But he’s not letting that happen. Calling them out instantly he recites the questions they are asking him while he attempts to fade them out. “Why you not here with me? Can you break bread with me? Why you switch phone numbers like clothes? Why you can’t answer me?”. The smooth hook is so subtle and affective. You will find yourself nodding your head along and syncing to the chilled out vibes. The beat is the perfect mix of hip-hop and smooth R&B that counter out each other effortlessly.