SINGLE REVIEW: Los Leo – The End

Finding an uplifting contrast in some of his darkest moments, Los Leo returns with a new single all about hope. ‘The End’ is the Adelaide singer-songwriter’s strongest sonical moment yet and comes at the perfect time as he is just about to join Los Angeles three piece LANY on their massive SOLD OUT Australian tour. 

Exploring his four year battle with autoimmune disease and the tethering affect his health problems have had on his mental health, he opens up to listeners. With the confronting and honest lyric “I’ve seen the end and it’s far too close” haunting the listener through the euphoric hook, you won’t be able to shake off the serious nature of this song. Contemplating suicide as a way to get out of this exhausting disease he ended up finding a hope to keep going and that’s where the production takes inspiration from.

Teaming up with some different producers they were able to draw a fresh and innovative new sound that was bright, colourful and had the right contrast of seriousness. It’s a memorable song that will introduce him to a whole new audience in time for the biggest shows of his career so far. 



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