SINGLE REVIEW: Jason Derulo feat. Farruko – Mamacita

Jason Derulo isn’t really getting all the hits he used to. For a little while there whenever Jason Derulo released a new single, everyone would talk about it because his songs would inevitably top the charts and receive huge radio rotation. Now, it’s a very different story. His last couple of singles have been severely underwhelming and sadly his new single ‘Mamacita’ follows that trend. 

Teaming up with Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, Farruko, he’s trying to capitalise on the heavy Latin trend that is taking over pop music. But it’s just not his thing. He’s tried to experiment with it before and he should just return to making great RNB-Pop material because his first couple of records were GREAT. But I understand creative integrity could have a play in this, and if he really wants to create this music then we should let him. But I just don’t think it’s going to be as successful as he’s hoping. 

The song is a little cheesy and gimmicky. There is nothing ground breaking nor exciting about it. When you read the title ‘Mamacita’ you can instantly guess how the track is going to sound and it doesn’t really stray away from the format. 

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