INTRODUCING: Damaged Goods

At one stage or another we have all felt like we are damaged goods. 

That feeling that someone may truly never love you because of all the pain you’ve been through, or constantly feeling like you’re a liability because of your insecurities. It’s a very consuming thought, but it’s encouraging to remember that you are not alone, that everyone is hiding their own truths no matter what it may look like from the outside. And instead of hiding them we should learn to embrace these scars.

That is an excerpt from the first chapter of my debut book Damaged Goods which is available now to read for free at

It’s a collection of true short stories and experiences from the life of a 25 year old writer, music reviewer and stand up comedian who is trying to figure out who he is and how to be authentically himself.

Reflecting on feeling like “damaged goods”  I explore growing up in a homophobic family, coming to terms with my sexuality, bullying, coming out, falling in love, heart break, breaking legs overseas and mental health. In the end, It’s about realising that we are all “damaged goods” because it’s apart of the human condition and turning those “negative experiences” into positive growing ones.

To coincide with the digital world and the way we are consuming our experiences, I’ve decided to release this book in an innovative new way. Every week I will be releasing a new chapter that will dive into another part of my life and my mental state. Along with each chapter you will also receive a Spotify playlist of all the songs that relate to that time in my life and inspired me. As well as a gallery of photographs captured by different photographers from all over the world who are interpreting what the essence of each chapter means to them. 

I wanted to turn this book into an online experience and platform where we can all share our fears, thoughts and experiences and hopefully you can find something you can connect to or find a way to express yourself. 

Throughout this book and online experience there are a few more surprises to be unveiled. Including live stand up comedy shows, podcasts and some exciting new frontiers for me.

This book has been three years in the making and has been a very tough and vulnerable experience as I had to personally address so many emotions that I had repressed for so long. So I hope you enjoy it and connect with the human condition behind it. 

The first three chapters are available to read right now and then a new chapter will be released every week for the next 12 weeks! 

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