EP REVIEW: Benee – Fire On Marzz

New Zealand singer-songwriter Benee is quickly becoming one of the most buzzed newcomers. With the massive success of ‘Soaked’ which has cracked 20 million streams on Spotify alone, she’s finally unleashing her debut EP ‘Fire On Marzz’ into the world which cements her strong pop songwriting. Joining ‘Soaked’ on the EP is previous singles ‘Evil Spider’ and ‘Want Me Back’ as well as three new tracks.

While the groovy and disco infused ‘Glitter’ is the new single from the project, it’s actually the weakest track compared to the rest of the new material. The slick and psychedelic influenced ‘Wishful Thinking’ cites influence in Tame Impala with the laid back delivery and gritty DIY production. Everything about it just stands out and will have you feeling the way you did the first time you heard ‘Soaked’. Then ‘Afterlife’ is a chilled out slow burner which starts off cute and relaxed and then she hits you hard with a catchy and hook. “In this afterlife, I will prove that you’re ugly and make your new boyfriend love me till there is no one above me”. The sassy revenge track has a lot of attitude but that’s what makes it immediately standout. It’s so retrospectively different to the rest of the material and it shows a nice contrast because we all have that side to us.

This is a strong debut collection which shows a groovy and laid-back side to her and will continue her propel into the mainstream scene.

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