ALBUM REVIEW: Kim Petras – Clarity

Over the past two years Kim Petras has been delivering playful and carefree pop music which has seen her winning over a legion of fans and raking in huge streaming numbers. But in between all of this happening and playing back to back shows across the world, Petras was going through a hard break-up. Struggling to find the strength within herself to sing happy and positive pop songs every night, the German singer-songwriter entered the studio to work on her second era which saw her addressing her emotions. 

‘Clarity’ is a project with a lot of heart. These twelve songs hear her like you haven’t before. It’s filled with dark and dreamy synths that are emotionally driven and invoke a whole different feeling compared to her debut. Title track ‘Clarity’ is a brief introductory moment that explores her stream of consciousness and hears her finding her confidence again after feeling broken. Her new single ‘Icy’ has immediately become a fan favourite with it’s moody beat and honest emotions. It also finds a way to hold onto her sassy delivery. “So dumb, I believed you really liked me. Cause of you, now my heart is so icy”. 

Continuing these darker themes ‘Personal Hell’ hears her begging for someone’s touch to set her free from her mind while ‘Broken’ explores her moving on in the wake of the break-up. The most vulnerable moment probably comes from ‘All I Do Is Cry’ which is set right in the heart of the break-up. 

But don’t fret, the whole collection isn’t a heart break affair. ’Sweet Spot’, ‘Do Me’ and ‘Got My Number’ are the classic and euphoric Kim Petras moments that her fans were waiting and praying for. They are flirty, raucous and seductive while also giving you all the playful feels. 

Petras knows her market and knows how to play up to them well with a very strategic and smart release schedule which has seen her releasing a new song ever week for the past ten weeks. Her discography is quickly growing and her live shows are going to become a real party with so much variety.

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