LIVE REVIEW: Washington – The Foundry

It’s been a little while in between shows for Washington and following the release of her recent synth-layered singles she’s ready to get reacquainted with audiences again. Hitting the road for a trio of East Coast shows, she returned home playing for a packed Brisbane crowd at The Foundry. 

Kicking off the intimate show with the romantic ‘Claws’ she immediately went down memory lane with ‘How To Tame Lions’, ‘Saint Lo’, ‘Skyline’, ‘Clementine’ and even ‘Skeleton Key’. She made sure she tackled songs from all of her releases and played songs that were not only singles but album favourites too. 

“Thank you hometown! It’s so nice to be back” she exclaimed to the raucous crowd who were excitedly screaming words of encouragement at her. Instead of being thrown off by the sometimes incoherent heckles she took it in good spirit and encouraged them by “this is a supporting match and I react better when you yell things at me”. 

Stripping back ‘Sunday Best’ with just two guitars she quickly quipped “This song is about sex, I think I’m ready to finally admit that now” before then playing a mash up cover of ‘This Love’ by Maroon 5 and ‘Back To Black’ by Amy Winehouse. With her band returning on stage for ‘Cement’ and ‘Limitless’ she then played a song she promised she would never play live, ‘Spanish Temper’ which highlighted just how special and intimate this show was. 

This show was for the fans and she wanted them to know that. Admitting that this run of dates have felt like an opening of the coffin where the bats fly out, she was excited to find her feet on the stage again. With the cheers of encouragement still flying through the venue she laughed “I always feel like I’m on an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race when I’m on stage with everyone yelling yasss at me”. She then confessed that her drag name would be Amy House-Wine which added a little candid energy to the show. Continuing the mix of vulnerability and funky energy she closed out the set with ‘Holy Moses’, ‘Underground’ and ‘Dirty Churches’. 

With the crowd unsurprisingly screaming for more she returned for a rare performance of ‘I Believe You Liar’ and the energetic ‘Rich Kids’ which was the perfect ending to this intimate showcase of her career. 

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Photos by Lucinda Jones

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