SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – Dancing With Your Ghost

“How do I love, how do I love again? How do I trust, how do I trust again?” Sasha Sloan questions in another vulnerable confessional. ‘Dancing With Your Ghost’ hears the Californian singer-songwriter trying to find acceptance after a close loved one passes away. But deep down she doesn’t believe she can. It’s a very raw subject that will have anyone relating who has lost someone in the past and has gone through those stages of grief and needing to understand. 

The visualisations Sloan delivers through her lyrics are beautiful, simple and touching. You can feel the raw emotion invoked through every lyric from the moment she wrote the song. “Yelling at the sky. Screaming at the world. Baby, why’d you go away?”. 

It’s a very simple but touching sonical moment that grows with the right timing. Her vocals are stunning as always and compliment the mood and tone of the song. It’s a beautiful ballad that perfectly aligns with her growing emotional discography and will have you feeling so many different types of ways. 

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