SINGLE REVIEW: Ed Sheeran feat. Khalid – Beautiful People

With his new collaborative album soon to be released, Ed Sheeran is preparing to experiment in a bigger way than he has ever before. Teaming up with R&B superstar Khalid for ‘Beautiful People’ the two address the importance of staying true to yourself. Reflecting on the way that we can get blinded from how media romanticises the idea of celebrities and the way social media creates unrealistic expectations, they strip all the complications back. Focusing on being authentic, real and just to live life in the moment, they encourage transparency. “We don’t fit in well cause we are just ourselves”. It’s an important and global concept that definitely the two with their star power would feel in a unique way as they navigate their new lives in the spotlight. 

With strong storytelling, potential of a catchy hook and an interesting concept, ‘Beautiful People’ slightly underwhelms. From the important underlining message I expected the two to deliver a big radiating hook with more sentimental meaning. Instead it was very surface level. I kept questioning when it was going to switch up and get grittier and more experimental but instead they played it safe the whole time. With the addition of Khalid there was the potential for a new element but it never came. 

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