SINGLE REVIEW: Adam Lambert – Comin In Hot

Embracing his retrospective new sound, Adam Lambert is stepping away from the mainstream pop influences and heading towards his glam rock roots. ‘Comin In Hot’ is the second single from his forthcoming fourth studio album and it’s shaping up to be a record which is going to divide fans. 

Citing influence from his time spent fronting Queen, the singer-songwriter is heading towards a funkier production that has a 70’s and 80’s vein to it. It’s hard to imagine these songs played on commercial radio in today’s current musical climate but he’s taking a courageous step in trying to get there.

This song takes a couple of listeners to warm up to as it has a very rough shimmer to it. While it is polished and catchy, it is also very different to what you expect from the soulful pop icon. It’s best describe as a loved up stoner track that is seductive and chilled at the same time. I found that with every listen my mind was constantly changing on how I felt about it which is quite provocative and is a real risk. However it’s important to note that I didn’t love it instantly. 

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