SINGLE REVIEW: Lovemedo – You Kiss Everyone

Lovemedo is a Central Coast newcomer that got some heads spinning with his debut single ‘Re-Like You’. Over the space of a month, the bold and catchy track has received some impressive streaming stats as well has even had some mainstream radio play without the push of a label. 

To keep the momentum rolling on this hotly tipped newcomer, he has dropped another fresh little banger that will keep you warm during the winter. ‘You Kiss Everyone’ is an infectious little track that will have you wanting to dance and singalong to the ridiculously catchy hook. Reflecting on the art of intentions, he questions what something means and queries if he’s crossed a line. “I felt a kiss from your lips, but you kiss everyone”. 

Following a similar DIY structure to ‘Re-Like You’, the production is bright and funky and manages to maintain a fresh feeling. With the vibrant exposure, it also implements some The 1975 and brit-pop influences with it’s polish. With the way he syncs together samples and builds a slick production, he will have you constantly questioning where the song could sonically go, which is the most exciting thing. 

Lovemedo is definitely an artist you need to get acquainted with. 



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