SINGLE REVIEW: Handsome – Delete You

Following the release of her debut EP ‘No Hat No Play’ last year and a string of national shows, Sydney singer-songwriter Handsome returns with a track that will get you wanting to dance and cry at the same time. ‘Delete You’ has been a favourite in her live show for a little while now because it showcases a unique contrast. 

Behind the groovy and nostalgic engineered production is a vulnerable song about letting go. The aftermath of a break-up can be difficult and she explores the complexities that arise within that moment. With the daunting pressures of deleting them from social media after spending years together and being so intimate, she reassures herself that it’s okay to take it slow. With the post chorus perfectly summing that up; “delete you, on my time”. 

The hook emotionally admits the reluctancy we have all experienced with letting go in the past. “And I really want you to know, can’t say that I wanna let go”. But she gives herself some comforting and strong advice in the raw following moments; “sit and let it sink in, let it out till you give in” which showcases a want for hope. 

Finding the strength in her vulnerability, Handsome finds a way to contrast heavy emotions with an uplifting hope of wanting to dance the pain way. Creating her very own break-up anthem ‘Delete You’ joins ‘No Cowards’ and ‘Save Some Love’ as some of her strongest songs. 

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