SINGLE REVIEW: Zara Larsson – All The Time

After the hit and miss delivery of ‘Don’t Worry Bout Me’, Zara Larsson is trying to prove to listeners that she’s still go that magic touch, and she’s doing that quite well. ‘Wow’ was an underrated banger that served perfect production and a slick delivery that was impressive. And now she’s following it up with another slick EDM meets pop track. ‘All The Time’ is a song full of cool synth samples and a groovy retrospective vibe. 

Reflecting on the hard truths of moving on from someone after having your heart broken, she taps into the human condition. She explores why she can’t get someone off her mind, even though she desperately wants to be over them. “I try to forget about you, baby. And I die when I think of you with someone else and I don’t know why. I don’t know why you’re dancing in my mind. From the breaking of the day to the middle of the night. All The Time”. 

The disco tinge of the production is what makes this song have it’s retrospective vibe and it’s also because of this that the song stands out so much. Sadly I’m not sure if radio will jump on board with this one but her fans will definitely embrace her experimentation and her dedication to giving us pop gems. 

Also Taylor Swift, watch the below music video and you will see how THIS is how you appreciate queer culture tastefully. 

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