At this stage I’m unsure if ALMA will ever release her debut album, but hopefully with a consistent flow of singles trickling out, this means we will finally get a full LP soon. ‘Lonely Night’ hears the Finnish singer-songwriter delivering a commercially inclined sound again after her previous experimental route hasn’t impacted the same way that she hoped. 

Slightly holding onto an experimental edge this song gives you a very rhythmic production layered by her slick pop vocals and a polished storyline. Melodically, this song sounds very similar to Tove Lo’s recent releases and that is a great sound to sonically head towards. Reflecting on the aftermath of a break-up, she dives deep into the feelings. “Oh what a lonely night. She said I love you but not the way you do”. Giving you a heartbreaking storyline she also continues to give you some heartbreaking one liners that give this song such a vulnerable edge. “When the night came to an end, you called me your best friend. You said it was lovely, but you never loved me”.

With the way the lyrics collide with the polished production, ‘Lonely Night’ becomes the song you will want to dance and cry to at the same time, and that’s a-ok. 

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