ALBUM REVIEW: Noah Kahan – Busyhead

Finding his unique voice, Noah Kahan has delivered a captivating debut album full of heavy emotions, a lot of reflection and genuine honesty. ‘Busyhead’ is a short but compelling collection of tracks that doesn’t see him trying to be anyone else. He’s unapologetically himself in the best way possible. 

Opening the record with his catchy lead singles ‘False Confidence’, ‘Mess’, ‘Hurt Somebody’ feat Julia Michaels and Young Blood, he gives the listener big radio ready hooks that they are already well acquainted with. From there he dives into the previously unreleased portion of the record with the title track ‘Busyhead’ that explores the impact of anxiety and depression. There is a line in the chorus which immediately stands out because of it’s pure honesty. “All alone inside your busy head”. ‘Cynic’ then backs the track up with a reflection on his growth and his outlook on the industry and his goals. This is a track that has major radio potential and if we don’t see this become a future single then I will be really surprised. 

Stripping it back with the minimalistic and sort of forgettable ‘Save Me’, ‘Sink’ and ‘Tidal’ he prepares the listener for a touching and simple finish. The closing song ‘Carlo’s Song’ is the albums most raw moment even with it’s euphoric production during the hook. In our chat earlier this year Kahan explained the background of the track and why it was the most vulnerable moment on the record for him. “One of my best friends passed away last year and it was really hard for me to think about and to talk about. So I wrote a song to pour all of my feelings out about how I felt about my buddy passing on and playing it in the live show has been amazing because to I’ve seen so many people connect and relate to it”. 

It’s a very touching and simple way to close a very honest and emotionally fuelled record that holds some magic moments.   

You can purchase a physical copy of Noah Kahan’s debut album ‘Busyhead‘ HERE;

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