ALBUM REVIEW: Mark Ronson – Late Night Feelings

Diving deep into his feelings, Mark Ronson turns his electronic influences to a vulnerable outlook as he attempts to get you dancing and crying at the same time. ‘Late Night Feelings’ is a nostalgia fuelled record that is drastically quite different to anything he’s done before. Inspired by the golden disco era, he polishes his synths and uses the vulnerable tones of that era to evoke emotion. 

Sonically it shows similarities to the work of Giorgio Moroder with his disco layering and pop simplicities. But this record is very hit and miss. There are strong pop moments like ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’, ‘Find U Again’ and the slow burner title track ‘Late Night Feelings’ but there are a lot of underwhelming moments too. With Alicia Keys, The Last Artful and Dodgr all featuring on ‘Truth’, I expected a soulful moment with a lot of feeling but they missed the mark. Also with three songs with YEBBA, I was waiting for them to get it right but they didn’t seem the get there

The albums strongest moment (other than the Miley Cyrus feature) is the unexpected King Princess collaboration. ‘Pieces Of Us’ perfectly represents what this album is about and completes the bold mission he had set out to do. With the heavy disco influence he also adds his big band roots that his last album excelled in. Capturing King Princess raw emotions they explores the different sides of heart break. “Oh, how my luck goes down when we talk. And now all I got is pieces of us”. 

I was waiting for this record to have more moments like ‘Pieces Of Us’ but the whole time I found myself asking and wanting more. 

You can purchase a physical copy of Mark Ronson’s new album ‘Late Night Feelings’ from Sanity HERE; 

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