SINGLE REVIEW: Rence feat. Noah Cyrus – Expensive

Rence is a newcomer you probably haven’t heard of yet and that’s okay because he’s about to school you on why you should get well acquainted. Following the recent streaming success of his single ‘Baby Blue’ he has backed it up with his catchiest and most commercially ready track yet. ‘Expensive’ hears him teaming up with Noah Cyrus for a groovy and experimental pop track that will have you bopping during the hook. .

The track reflects on the internal realisation you have when you decide you have to move on from someone and take care of yourself instead of being afraid to hurt them. It’s understanding that whilst the relationship may have seemed perfect in theory, that it may actually be toxic and be the reason why you’re internally hurting.“Baby I’m broke, you spend my time. I ain’t got the patience left to pay no mind. Not that I don’t want to, I just can’t afford to love you”

Layering the honest confession with an upbeat pop production, he shows a sense of hope that this is not the end for his journey to find love. It’s a great sentiment to take away from this little pop banger. However I did expect Noah Cyrus to have a bigger role in creating a moment for this release but she faded into the background quite literally.

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