LIVE REVIEW: Mansionair – Woolly Mammoth

In amongst the flashing of red strobes and the electronic moody instrumental of ‘EST’, Mansionair took to the Woolly Mammoth stage in Brisbane for the first of two sold out shows. Within the opening vulnerable moments of ‘Alibi’ they quickly had the singalong’s in motion with ‘Hold Me Down’ and ‘Violet City’. Celebrating the release of their debut album ‘Shadowboxer’ they didn’t shy away from diving in deep with albums cuts ‘We Could Leave’ and ‘Harlem’ as well as singles ‘Falling’ and ‘Easier’. But it was ‘Best Behaviour’ that received one of the most surprising reactions from the passionate crowd. Singing along to the catchy hook, lead singer Jack Froggatt stood in the middle of the stage and started to belt out the high notes with no microphone. 

Purposely closing their album release tour in Brisbane, Froggatt admitted this date structure was a strategical plan. “We knew we wanted to close our tour in Brisbane because every time we play here it is electric and you guys are not disappointing us tonight”. Continuing the show with the filler moments ‘Waiting Room’, ‘Technicolour’ and ‘Heirloom’ they had the singalong’s re-instated during the massive ‘Astronaut’ (Something About Your Love).

After disappearing briefly, they returned to the stage for a stripped back version of the intimate ‘Speak Easy’ before getting the crowd to dance one last time during their Odezza collaboration ‘Line Of Sight’. Their energy was electric as Froggatt swayed his way across the stage and intimately delivered a show that deserved a bigger stage and a bigger production. They are a band who are continually growing and finding a way to deliver a massive and euphoric show with their emotionally fuelled tracks. 

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Photos by Zac Montgomery 



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