SINGLE REVIEW: Thomston – Lightweight

Thomston continues to impress listeners with his cinematic influenced tracks as he turns into a bonafide pop star. The New Zealand singer-songwriter impressed listeners last year after returning with the anthemic tracks ‘Acid Rain’ and ‘The Heights’ after his experimental 2016 debut album ‘Topograph’. Reaching towards pop star status, his new single ‘Lightweight’ is another smash in it’s own right. The disco influenced synth-pop song is layered in a beautiful and simple way. Growing from his ballad roots, this song adds a groovy centre which is reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen’s recent production work. Exploring that pure ecstasy feeling of falling head over heels love and going the extra mile to make it work. The song uses the analogy of being a lightweight when drinking to showcase a self destructive side. “You go straight to my head and I go straight to the ground. When it comes to you, I don’t wanna drown cause you make a lightweight of me”. It’s about losing your inhibitions and how beautiful but scary that can be. The one line that stands out more than anything is the candid pre-chorus which is also everyone’s deep down fear. “I’m scared to say something I don’t mean. Or worse, something I do”. it’s such a relatable concept that will have you immediately empathising and relating to a similar time in your life. The pulsating synth driven chorus adds to the magic of this song and hears Thomston cementing himself as one of New Zealand’s best artists at the moment.