SINGLE REVIEW: Little Mix – Bounce Back

With a while lot promotion surrounding this release and even a rescheduling of their upcoming Australian tour to focus on the track, I expected this song to be something big. But it’s not. ‘Bounce Back’ is a mediocre at best R&B infused pop track that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It peaks early with the retrospective hip-hop beat that makes it’s appearance and lingers around but it doesn’t pursue any big changes. I was waiting for a big, memorable hook that would ooze nostalgia and infectious harmonies, but it never came. I was waiting for something that felt like classic Little Mix, but that never came either. They had been hyping up the playful and sassy nostalgic atmosphere of this song with their dollhouse themed music video but the song doesn’t really hold a sassy or personable feel. Instead it falls flat with no personality and a b-grade production of a song that would be played in a gay club as doors opened to fill in time. In comparison ‘Move’ and ‘Wasabi’ are much stronger songs that perfected the feel and sound they wanted to head towards.