SINGLE REVIEW: Kim Petras – Personal Hell

Kim Petras is an artist that knows who she is. She knows her market. She knows what her fans want and she’s going to give it to them. With a stream of new releases, she has consistently given listeners a strong new song every week that hears her evolving with her dreamy electronic pop sound. With the announcement of her new project ‘Clarity’ which will drop on June 27, the German singer-songwriter has delivered another new single for your heavy rotation playlists. ‘Personal Hell’ is one of Petras’ most seductive and raunchy releases yet, but in the best way possible. The disco influenced track hears her begging for someone’s touch to set her free from her mind. “Save me from my personal Hell. Break me, break me out of myself. Touch me, only your hands make me come alive”. With lyrics like; “Late at night, I touch myself. I’ve been saving all of this for you”, you will find yourself questioning her over-sharing but also really digging the honesty. It adds to the playful vibe she’s created through her music and is one of the reasons why listeners love her. She doesn’t take things too seriously and is instead just creating fun music with a little heart and a whole lot of carefree vibes.