SINGLE REVIEW: Eilish Gilligan – Someone Else

Something we’ve learnt about Eilish Gilligan over the past two years is that she knows how to create a dramatic and cinematic moment. When you put her singles ’S.M.F.Y’, ‘Patterns’, ‘The Pull’ and ‘Keep Up’ side by side, it’s only then you will understand just how much of an emotional soundtrack these songs create. Whether you’re recently living in an emotional state of heartbreak or reminiscing on a past version of your self, these empowering and raw songs will immediately connect with you. 

Joining the family of emotional soundscapes, ‘Someone Else’ hears her experimenting with her production and offering a slightly different energy. With the guitar and drum led verses with a dreamy synth layered over the top, she switches up her usual piano led formula. Fulfilling the full band feeling she elevates the cinematic touch and creates a moment that is emotionally vulnerable but also euphoric at the same time. With the heartbreaking line “Someone else might have the love I don’t have. Someone else might have the touch I don’t have” lingering in your head after, your mind will start playing a series of supercuts from your past relationships. It’s a heavy and powerful state of reflection that will have you dreaming, wondering and feeling content with the decisions you’ve made. The chorus is fuelled by a euphoric production that will have you blasting the song on a road trip as you look out the window or screaming the lyrics out at one of her upcoming live shows. It’s a perfect addition to her experimental, growing and powerful discography. 



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