SINGLE REVIEW: Banks feat. Francis And The Lights – Look What You’re Doing To Me

Holding onto a romantic sentiment, BANKS allows listeners to explore a hopeful and reflective side of her artistry on her new single, ‘Look What You’re Doing To Me’. Taken from her forthcoming third studio album ‘III’ which will be released on July 12, the singer-songwriter also announced the commencement of a massive world tour. 

Heading towards a bolder alternative-pop sound she implements a dark hip-hop influenced production which makes the verses a little confusing upon a first listen. With her vocals soaked in vocoder, her delivery is almost un-hearable as you try to decipher the lyrics. But it’s the chorus that hears her really finding her feet within the concept. “Look what you’re doing to me. Ooh your love is better than I remember” she confesses during the commanding hook. With the festival ready stomping and dark synths leading this chorus, its a very distinct contrast to the mumbling and un-memorable verses she leads with. It leaves the listeners feeling a little unsure how to feel as she usually delivers emotionally fuelled showstoppers. But this song just isn’t. The chorus is super strong as a standalone and creates a good vibe but she loses it again when the verses drop.

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