SINGLE REVIEW: Sophia Messa – offyourface

New York singer-songwriter Sophia Messa is a newcomer you really need to get acquainted with. ‘offyourface’ is a strong follow up single to her soulful debut ‘moneydontfixlonely’ that hears her heading towards a rhythmic sound. With a dancehall influenced production taking over the sensual vibe of the song, Messa will entice you with her captivating vocals that hear each lyric rolling off her tongue effortlessly. Taking power over heartbreak, she swaps the common roles of the female being the one who is heartbroken and turns into the heartbreaker on this bold track. With the rhythmic dancehall influences instantly seeping through the start of the production, she heads towards the chorus in full force. During the pre-chorus she slows it down for a moment and taunts her lover and simultaneously shows signs of empathy; “know I’m the best that you’ve tasted never meant to get you wasted”. From there she launches into a bold hook that immediately gets stuck in your head with it’s catchy melody. “Off your face, off your face. You’ll be wiping tears right off your face”. While there is a sassy feel to the nature of this song, behind it is a empathetic storyline where she is sorry to be the heartbreaker in this situation. Vocally she showcases a pop and latin directed sound which draws comparisons to Mabel, Camila Cabello and Ariana Grande compared to her soulful pop debut. This is a song that people are going to fall in love with after a first listen and find themselves questioning “who is Sophia Messa?” and “when can I hear more?”.