Taking a different approach to self-love, MUNA have come back with a bold new track that will have you feeling so many different kind of ways. ‘Number One Fan’ is a self appreciative anthem that puts a focus on becoming your own number one fan. Celebrating all your flaws, strengths and troubles may seem like a weird thing to do but it’s so important. When we go through rough times, sometimes the only person that can get us through it is ourselves. We need to look after and celebrate ourselves more because we are all special and unique and that’s an important face to remember. 

The song hears the Californian three piece delivering a bolder electronic sound that compliments a contrast to their stunning dark pop album ‘About U’ which explored an honest vulnerability. Opening with the line “So I heard the bad news. Nobody likes me and I’m gonna die alone” they instantly set a dark tone to where they are going to take the song lyrically. Reflecting on the impact of social media, they explain that all we seem to do is compare ourselves when that is really not healthy. With a sense of hope coming through the pre chorus they put the focus on the importance of believing in yourself. “I’ve been looking at myself in the mirror, saying don’t leave me now”. With a pulsating dark beat and hard hitting drums driving the verses, they lead into a groovy chorus with HAIM inspired guitar riffs giving it that funky feel. But then they add in a big angsty electronic twist that will have you vibing hard. Coinciding with all of this slick experimental production is one of the years catchiest hooks which is so fun and quirky. “Oh my God like, I’m your number one fan. So iconic, like big, like stan, like I would give my life just to hold your hand. I’m your number one fan”. It brings a light hearted feeling to a song which is meant to be quite vulnerable in a different way. And I’m also here for any excuse to get “big stan” into a song. 

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