SINGLE REVIEW: Mabel – Mad Love

Mabel is a newcomer that has got the world talking. Her recent single ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ is one of the years biggest songs and offers a sassy and memorable production that is pure fire. Her debut album ‘High Expectations’ will be finally released on August 2 and the main thing she wants from this release is for people to walk away feeling confident. Her new single ‘Mad Love’ really embodies that message with a radiating positivity. After finding her own self-confidence through the creative process, she has incorporated that into her hypnotising live show and has put a major focus on it through her infectious singles. This track sonically picks up where ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ left off and continues the rhythmic pop production she originally introduced. Whilst it is catchy and grows on the listeners which each spin, it isn’t as captivating as one would’ve hoped. It’s a track that I’d be happy to listen and dance to if it came on but if I had to choose one song to blast I would still choose ‘Don’t Call Me Up’. But in saying that, this song will be a slow burner that will undoubtedly make it’s mark on radio and playlisting. The chorus is basic but that’s what helps add it’s catchy element, as the hook “All night, give me mad love” continues to run through your head well after you stop listening.