With her forthcoming third studio album ‘Solutions’ only one month away, the Illinois born K.FLAY is ready to keep hitting you with honest tracks. The captivating singer, songwriter and rapper has always made herself to be quite genre-fluid. You never really know what you’re going to get from her and that’s the most exciting part of it. Her new single ‘Sister’ looks into her interpretation of what sisterhood actually is. Instead of basing it on the gender, she encourages that everyone can be a sister because its about that bond, loyalty and that willing to do whatever it takes for them. Dedicating the song to her step-brother and sister, she redefines what family means and the power that word has. “I wanna be your sister, I wanna be your friend. I wanna be your sister, till the end, till the end. Do you wanna be mine?”. With the pulsating synth riff of the verse taking lead, she layers an intriguing vocal delivery over it until the chorus drops some serious angsty attitude. With big guitars and volume, she showcases an contrasting energetic side to her personality on top of the vulnerability she naturally oozes. The second verse offers some memorable one liners like “Tell me that you really need a night out. I’d even put a dress on, too” that shows her quirky sense of honesty. As well as “If somebody hurts you. Then I’m gonna kill somebody for you” which shows her dramatic loyalty. This song draws inspiration from some of K.FLAY’s  earlier releases and just hears her having fun and diving deeper into the production soundscape.