SINGLE REVIEW: Allday feat. The Veronicas – Restless

Teaming up with The Veronicas may seem like an odd choice for Allday, but it’s turned out to be a match made in heaven. ‘Restless’ is a soothing pop song full of sweet harmonies that brings a different contrast to his upcoming third studio album ‘Starry Night Over The Phone’. Entering the studio to collaborate on both of their upcoming records, the two Australian acts were able to draw from their unique sounds and fuse together a slick vibe that listeners will instantly fall in love with. Interpolating a dancehall beat into the production, Allday manages to find a happy medium between keeping it low key but also finding a little dance sweet spot. It perfectly compliments the chilled out hip-hop elements he has been heading towards with this forthcoming record. The Veronicas gracefully make there way onto the track during the chorus with soothing harmonies as they question motives and ponder self reflection. “I know you’ll be mine, These day yours restless and you need some time”. Their polished pop harmonies instantly drew comparisons to their top 10 ARIA chart single ‘This Love’ with their soft layers and soothing melodies. With each listen the laid-back alternative pop meet hip-hop track continues to grow on the listener and offers those weird feelings of wanting to dance and cry at the same time.

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  1. To be honest, I expected much more from the girls. I expected them to have some solo or something, not just a bit of the chorus.

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