EP REVIEW: Carlie Hanson – Junk

Floating in an over-sensory of vulnerability, Wisconsin singer-songwriter Carlie Hanson has tapped into the minds of fellow over-emotional young adults with her honest tracks. Her 2017 debut singles ‘Why Did You Lie’ and ‘Only One’ introduced her to listeners in a raw and playful way, and from there she’s continued to open herself up. After releasing a string of singles, she’s finally dropped her also very honest debut EP ‘Junk’. The appeal of this EP is that the name of the collection has a unique spin on the idea of her personal notes that formed these songs. She explained the use of the dismissal word to describe her first collective release when we chatted last month. “The songs that I worked on for the EP were stupid little things I quickly wrote down on my phone, notepad or recorded in my voice notes and they were all “junk” to me. It was nothing that I thought would turn into what it has now but it has and it’s amazing”. And these tracks do have a very emotional and empowering spin on them. Opening with the indie-pop influenced ‘Bored With You’ she layers a romantic storyline of just wanting to spend time with someone with some experimental pop beats and dreamy harmonies. “Even if there’s something to do. I’d rather be bored with you”. The bold singles ‘Back In My Arms’ and ‘WYA’ are personal little moments that reflect on her first relationship with a girl and the perception we have on people. But it’s the dreamy ‘Cigarettes’ that stands out to me as one of the strongest songs on the collection. The simple strumming of the guitar floats in the background as her vocals fall over the melody. The chorus then drops a simple little beat to elevate the deep heartbroken emotion. “You said that you would be mine. You swore that you would never lie. So I let you walk inside”. But Hanson explains that the most vulnerable song on the EP for her is the closing track ‘Hazel’. “It’s a real story about one of my friends back home in Wisconsin who was going through a rough patch in her life and was hanging out with all the wrong people and doing drugs and just lost her self a bit”. The song full of concern is a special little moment which highlights her ability to deliver vivid storytelling. This whole EP represents that so well and will have you wanting to dive deeper into her hyper-emotional and real world. 

Carlie Hanson Australian Tour Dates *

Friday 22 November – The Tivoli, Brisbane

Saturday 23 November – Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Sunday 24 November – Forum Theatre, Melbourne

Tuesday 26 November – Astor Theatre, Perth

* Please note these shows are supporting LAUV

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