LIVE REVIEW: Rudimental – Riverstage

As the cold winter nights roll in, the Riverstage becomes a venue you don’t want to be lingering around at. With the cool water breeze intertwining with the unrecognisable frosty air, the usually comfortable hillside turned into a shivering dance floor whilst in anticipation for the nights festivities to begin. 

With the Brisbane crowd slowly making their way into the venue as the State Of Origin kicked off across town, Sneaky Sound System made their way onto the stage for a mix of unreleased material and some old favourites. Commanding the stage with a whole lot of energy, personality and excitement, lead vocalist Connie Mitchell started to lose the crowd because of the set list structure. Opening with extended versions of unreleased tracks ‘We Belong’, ‘House Music’ and recent singles ‘Do Ya Thing’ and ‘Can’t Help The Way I Feel’, they lost momentum quickly. After trying to pick up the pieces with the euphoric hits ‘Big’, ‘Pictures’, I Love It’ and ‘We Love’, the crowd started to regain interest. 

Mitchell’s aura on stage is like nothing else. Throughout the whole set she was just having a lot of fun and it was really wholesome to watch. Closing the set with ‘Kansas City’ and the unstoppable ‘UFO’, they finally warmed the crowd up but this was the bold energy they should’ve maintained the whole duration. An hour set is a long time for any support act but with their impressive discography and high energy they should have been able to create a bigger impact than they did. 

Over the years Rudimental have made themselves known as one of the most energetic live bands. Their drum and bass roots have enabled them to plays some massive festivals globally including Future Music Festival Australia in 2013 and has seen them returning to the country multiple times for headlining tours and a run of Stadium dates with Ed Sheeran. 

Back in the country to celebrate the release of their third studio album ‘Toast To Our Differences’, the dynamic English drum and bass group made their way onto the stage during the soulful opener ‘New Day’. Breaking into the joyous energy of ‘Right Here’ and ‘Not Giving In’, they turned up the heat and had everyone dancing immediately. Whilst their on stage energy was thriving with all eight members of the live band giving their all, some sound issues plagued the start of the set where you couldn’t hear the drums through the mix. This is quite the problem for a drum and bass band as they kind of need everyone to hear the drums.

With the drums finally kicking in, ‘I Will For Love’, ‘Sun Comes Up’, ‘Bloodstream’ and ‘Let Me Live’ set the right mood towards where the show needed to go. Switching things up for a Jamaican version of ‘Lay It All On Me’ they showed their experimental and playful side before the ultra-pop favourite ‘Summer Love’ was added into the mix. 

The featured vocalists in their live band perfectly added to the diverse atmosphere that the show created and showcased some raw and powerful upcoming talent. The standout moment from the set came from the experimental ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ which perfectly highlighted their production talents as it stepped away from their usual electronic sound and went towards something a little more soulful.

“Do You want to get free with Rudimental” they screamed as they went head first into the final portion of the show with ‘Free’, ‘Rumour Mill’, ‘Human’ and ‘Feel The Love’ making a welcome addition. After saying good night to the now warmed up crowd, they returned briefly for their mega hits ‘There Days’ and ‘Waiting All Night’ which finished the show on an euphoric note. 

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Photos by Zac Montgomery 

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