Miley Cyrus is quickly becoming the new queen of reinvention. Shocking listeners as she reinvents herself again for her upcoming seventh studio album ‘She Is Miley Cyrus’, she has returned with a raw new sound full of angst and attitude. Citing influence from her BANGERZ era, the first taste of this new collection is as bizarre and eclectic as you could imagine. Getting acquainted with her rebellious side again, Cyrus makes a bold return with the genre-fluid “Mother’s Daughter”. With a dark trap and hip hop beat layered with some rock-n-roll attitude, this song taps into that moody and angry mindset. Addressing the criticism she has received over the years and the controversy that has followed, she reflects on finding the freedom to do as she wishes and finds that inner strength that has always been inside of her. Because to have the attitude and confidence that she exudes is a powerful and important trait for anyone to discover within themselves. During the chorus she quips; “Don’t fuck with my freedom, I came up to get me some. I’m nasty, I’m evil. Must be something in the water or that I’m my mother’s daughter”. This raw and trap heavy chorus is so memorable because of how real the raw emotion behind the anger is. Rolling into the trap meets R&B fuelled ‘Unholy’ she offers an anthemic hook which is ready to be screamed at a festival. “I’m a little bit unholy, so what, so is everyone else”. This will easily become the fan favourite as it’s just an absolute anthem for this generation. The EP slightly loses it’s way with the confusing tracks ‘D.R.E.A.M’ feat. Ghostface Killah and ‘Cattitiude’ feat. Rupaul. There is a lot going on production wise that she loses her intentions. The meaning and reason behind the songs seem unclear and for a Miley and Rupaul collaboration, I expected something bolder and more definitive. 

Teaming up with hip-hop’s new golden boy Swae Lee and Mike Will Made It, she gets back onto her feet and gives you the stoner anthem of the EP with ‘Party Up The Street’. With a rhythmic beat leading this track, you will find yourself in a dreamy daze. But the EP’s strongest moment is the emotional country-pop ballad ‘The Most’. You would’ve expected to hear this song on her last studio album ‘Younger Now’ but it luckily finds it ’s way onto this EP. It’s an emotional and genuine moment that people will instantly relate to. It has the strongest commercial success because of it’s honesty and will have you falling in love with her twangy melodies all over again. 

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