SINGLE REVIEW: Tove Lo – Glad He’s Gone

After the experimental chapter that was ‘Blue Lips’, Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo is heading back towards the commercially friendly pop that ‘Lady Wood’ floated in. ‘Glad He’s Gone’ may have a mainstream approach but she still holds onto a lot of attitude and bluntness that has made fans fall in love with her over the years. Her fourth studio record ‘Sunshine Kitty’ will be released later this year and will hear her bearing her soul getting vulnerable with listeners once again. The lead single takes place after a break up where you’re helping console a friend who is heartbroken but deep down you’re just happy to have your friend back after they were in such a toxic place. After all, we’ve all been either side of the friendship group where you’ve either been the friend consoling or been the friend who’s need the consoling. Either way, your friends will always have your back for you and hate that loser that let you go, strung you along or ate away at your confidence. “He’s gone, he’s gone. You’re better off, I’m glad that he’s gone”. It’s the words that millions of friends have said to each other in the wake of a break-up and it’s such a simple but powerful sentiment. She then looks to all the fun that can happen post break-ups and all the self loving and growth one can do. There’s such a playful and cheeky side to Tove Lo’s lyrics that are sexy and liberating. “Baby, no tears for that sucker. But never go dry this whole summer. Wanna get over, get under”. With the strums of an acoustic guitar, this song loops in some relaxed pop beats and echoing harmonies that roll into a smooth R&B flavour. It’s a very catchy and intoxicating song that once again showcases her strong songwriting.