SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – Thoughts

In the opening lines of Sasha Sloan’s new single ‘Thoughts’, the Californian singer-songwriter confesses some of her deepest insecurities. “Thoughts. Sometimes, I just can’t control my thoughts”. It’s the simplicity of this line that opens herself up to an honest confession of self-doubting and the effort of trying to get past the confusing moments of life that has you questioning why you must put yourself through it all. “I swear to God I’m trying, but I don’t know how to be, how to be a good friend to me” she heartbreakingly confesses in the final moments of the sweeping hook. Anyone that has battled with anxiety or depression will be able to perfectly relate to this hard hitting lyric. It’s that feeling of defeat. It’s that feeling of having no self worth left after desperately trying. Everything just doesn’t seem to work and you keep questioning why. It’s that feeling, and she perfectly embodies that sentiment. 

Throughout the lyrical delivery she shows signs of self awareness where she knows she needs to think differently but she can’t get out of her own head. “Cause sometimes I just feel like I’m a freak. When I wake up, I just don’t like what I see. All the way from my head right down to my feet. I wish that I thought differently”. That’s another very relatable and honest feeling that people don’t openly speak about. There is so much stigma surrounding those thoughts but at the end of the day they are normal. Most of us have experienced those feelings and by not speaking about it we are disadvantaging our own self-growth and allowing stigmas to still exist. 

The soothing and relaxed production hears a soft plucking of the strings of an electric guitar. As the song grows the addition of a pulsating DIY beat is added the the production to lift the layering. There’s an element of hope that lives in that production that will have you searching for the inner strength to be honest with yourself. It’s a very beautiful and emotional song that once again proves Sasha Sloan to be one of the most important newcomers in the industry right now. 

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