SINGLE REVIEW: Lewis Watson – Meant For Me

Lewis Watson is an artist who continues to grow and evolve as he finds his place in this sometimes confusing and unsettling world. ‘Meant For Me’ is the English singer-songwriters first release since his 2017 sophomore studio album ‘Midnight’ and hears him delivering a bolder alternative-pop sound. Following in the footsteps of Ed Sheeran, Lewis Capaldi and Passenger, this track takes his humble roots and delivers a romantic storyline full of honesty. Holding onto hope, he confesses the issues the relationship has had over time and the uncertainty that has revolved around it but exclaims the hope and raw love he feels. “Now we’re in the right place, now we’re in the right time. And I know we’ve made a lot of mistakes. Got a lot of things right and I know that we’re better than the choices that we made. But we’ll never get it wrong ’cause it’s meant to be and you’re meant for me”. It has a raw emotional touch which is captivating from the first listen. It’s a beautiful track that anyone who has fought for love in the past will relate to. This is also the perfect song for anyone who needs a little hope and a little light in their life.