SINGLE REVIEW: Herve Pagez feat. Diplo & Charli XCX – Spicy

I never thought the day would come where Diplo and Charli XCX would do a cover of a Spice Girls song, but I am so grateful it has. The collaborative single ‘Spicy’ with Herve Pagez hears the three artists reimagining the iconic Spice Girls smash hit, ‘Wannabe’. Transforming it into a Latin inspired EDM bop, this song gets a brand new life thanks to this unique sonical structure. They haven’t made a direct cover which is great and instead have only taken elements and allowed the new sound to take form around it. It’s so playful, fresh and fun and comes at the perfect time with the Spice Girls thrown into mainstream media again thanks to their massive reunion stadium tour. It’s one of those songs that is hard to explain because it is what it is, and some people are going to love the experimental layers whilst others are going to think it’s the worst thing to happen to music. But it’s best to remember that those people are wrong.