SINGLE REVIEW: Guy Sebastian – Choir

With the bright and funky soul that this new song embodies, you wouldn’t realise on a first listen that it’s actually one of Guy Sebastian’s most vulnerable tracks to date. ‘Choir’ hears the Australian singer-songwriter paying tribute to his former band member and close friend Luke Liang who passed away last year. Making a conscious decision to make sure ‘Choir’ wasn’t a somber piano ballad, Sebastian wanted to highlight the bright spirit and personality that Liang brought into his life. Therefore it has a very joyful sentiment to it as he reflects on the memories they shared and the things he wished he could’ve said to him.

Navigating his way through a bright and bold production he creates a big singalong moment which almost feels like a giant choir coming together. “Cause you’re now singing with a choir, now you’re dancing with the crew. You ain’t doing this solo, we’re all riding with you”. Holding onto that heavy reflection aspect and the colourful memories, this song stands out as another anthem in Sebastian’s discography. ‘Choir’ is a song about celebration. It’s about making sure you tell the ones you love how you really feel and let them know how much they mean to you whilst you can. Grab onto that feeling and ride the euphoric waves that Sebastian’s smooth harmonies deliver. 

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