SINGLE REVIEW: Cheryl – Let You

Cheryl is one of the worlds most underrated pop stars and that’s a sad fact. The ex Girls Aloud vocalist had one of the best debut pop album’s with ‘3 Words’, that no one seems to want to remember. But thanks to a string of successful singles and pop culture references, Cheryl is back with another new single which is an absolute synth bop. ‘Let You’ hears her finding her inner strength and leading a celebration of empowerment. Inspired by unhealthy relationships and reflecting on the impact they can have on your mental state, she encourages everyone to not let them have such a heavy affect on your personal outlook. Through the vibrant chorus she takes back the power that she unwillingly gave her ex and turns it back on them. “I think we only got like this ’cause I let you. Only got like this ’cause I let you, let you”. She brings such a playful and bold feel to the production that makes this song become such an anthem for self love and self growth. The 80’s inspired synths pulsate throughout the chorus and deliver this bold and vibrant feeling that just makes you think of a world full of neon lights. Sadly she has released this song the same day as Katy Perry has released a similar 80’s synth banger so the world has once again turned a blind eye on a track that deserves commercial airplay.