SINGLE REVIEW: Cardi B – Press

I love how unapologetically real Cardi B is. She’s an artist that doesn’t care what you think of her and will continue doing what she does best which is create big hip-hop songs with a pop sensibility.  ‘Press’ is the next continuation in her evolution and hears her cementing her throne at the top of hip-hop charts. Taking aim at how the media judge her and try to make a story out of everything, she doesn’t hold back with this sassy and empowering sentiment. “Press, press, press, press, press. Cardi don’t need more press. Kill ’em all, put them hoes to rest. Walk in, bulletproof vest”. Taking a playful approach to this “fuck you” attitude, she just has fun with the concept and looks at the lavish lifestyle she has made for herself and her family. “Ding dong, must be that whip that I ordered. And a new crib for my daughter. You know a bad bitch gon’ spoil her”. It’s a baggy song without actually being braggy. It has a come up mentality which anyone that is familiar with her background will love. Owning her story and owning her message, Cardi continues to unapologetically her and it’s such a blessing because we wouldn’t want her to be anyone else.