SINGLE REVIEW: Phil Hancock – Proof 

The exploration of toxic relationships really does seem to be at the forefront of music at the moment and I love it. The basic complexity of the situation is something that a lot of people have never understood which also makes it hard for people to relate to or even recognise that they are in one. Toxic relationships don’t only occur in romantic relationships but they can also occur in family dynamics and friendships. And that is something Phil Hancock explores on his new single ‘Proof’. Reflecting on a toxic friendship that was eating away at his soul and confidence, the Brisbane based singer-songwriter calls it quits and takes a uniting stand against the emotional abuse he was receiving. Walking away from the friendship, he questions why it took him so long to see the signs. “I know you’d say you love me, I never saw the proof”. Calling them out for everything they put him through, he shows a little angst in a reflective manner. He manages to deliver this confusion and empowering stance in a romantic way by realising the past they had but holding onto the hurt they did put him through. The hook is super catchy and interpolates with a hypnotising beat. It’s a song with a whole lot of power and emotion that perfectly compliments the “sad banger” genre he’s trying to hone.