SINGLE REVIEW: Fletcher – About You

Fletcher is quickly making herself an artist that you want to get to know. With only a string of singles out in the world, the New Jersey singer-songwriter has started to create quite the impact. Her previous single ‘Undrunk’ has just clocked over 45 million streams on Spotify alone and in the meantime she’s rapidly growing her social media following. Her new single ‘About You’ embraces that newly tapped confidence and hears her getting even more experimental with the delivery. 

Reflecting on a break up and the psychological pain you inflict on yourself in the process she questions why she can’t sop thinking about them even though they are miles away and officially out of her life. “A thousand miles away But you still got your hands on me. And I’m thinking, I’ll never stop thinking about you”. She knows they are no good for her but she can’t help but question, what if? What if things were different? What if their hands were still touching her? It has this raw element which is complimented by a very DIY and experimental production structure. This is the most non-conventional track we’ve heard from her yet but it still holds onto a clean indie pop polish. It’s as if Selena Gomez had a musical love child with Vera Blue. The honesty will haunt you with every lyric and her vocal delivery perfectly compliments the raw feeling the song sets. From a first listen you will be emotionally drawn in and feeling vulnerable and empowered at the same time. 

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