SINGLE REVIEW: Yungblud – Parents

Yungblud has become a voice for the misunderstood, the “freaks”, the outcasts and he’s okay with it. His debut album was an electrifying and bold introduction to the punk-rock artist he wants to be with a distinct diverse twist. His post album singles ‘Loser’ and ’11 Minutes’ have continued the diversity he wants to have in his artistry and hears him getting bolder and not afraid of injecting pop elements. The newest addition to his discography is the angst loaded ‘Parents’. This track is exactly what you expect from the title. It’s a track about the misunderstanding of evolution and invalid views that your parents may try to force onto you. Following the trend of his previous tracks, he makes sure that he gives you a lot of vivid imagery that continues to make him stand out as a storyteller. “My daddy put a gun to my head, said if you kiss a boy I’m gonna shoot you dead. So I tied him up with gaffa tape and I locked him in a shed. Then I went out to the garden and I fucked my best friend”. But alongside that graphic and playful storyline there is a bigger message he’s trying to share which is about inclusion and growth as a society. “My high hopes are getting low because these people are so old. The way they think about it all. If I tried I would never know”. He electrifies this storyline by having a experimental and DIY production that is gritty during the verses and then polished during the hook to help get stuck in your head. It’s the typical punk-pop structure which works so well and helps makes this song stand out. It’s one of his stronger releases that will excel during his energetic and chaotic live show.