SINGLE REVIEW: KYGO feat. Chelsea Cutler – Not Ok

At one point, KYGO was actually releasing a continuous string of strong tracks. Songs that stood out in their unique market and had their distinct hooks echoing through your head. But now they just all sound the same. There is nothing unique about his releases anymore and that’s the sad truth. His recent Rita Ora collaboration for the new Pokemon movie was a disappointing moment with a whole lot of potential that ended up floating in a lacklustre universe. Following in the footsteps of the momentum of the movie he’s decided to drop another new single to try keep his name out there, but yet again he’s delivered another lacklustre moment. ‘Not Ok’ had a whole lot of potential but it was executed in a very bland and predictable fashion. Chelsea Cutler’s lyrics explore the raw emotions that follow a break up and the anxiety that follows. “I know I might be crazy. So crazy, I’m crazy. I can’t believe I’m calling you just to say, I’m not OK”. It’s so relatable. We’ve all been there, where we’ve reluctantly given into temptation and called someone we shouldn’t have just because we miss them. Or maybe that’s just me? But I felt that on a spiritual level. However with this raw emotion it would’ve been best suited a ballad delivery. Or it would’ve stood out more if KYGO explored a different production because the Norwegian producer has the talent to do something big. So I’m just unsure why he isn’t doing that every time and is instead playing it safe with the same sonical structure.