SINGLE REVIEW: Jess Glynne feat. Jax Jones – One Touch 

Jess Glynne is about to join the Spice Girls for their massive stadium reunion tour and I think it’s safe to say it’s one of the coolest things to happen in her career. I mean at default, she’s touring with THE Spice Girls. It would be the coolest thing to happen in anyone’s career except apparently for Victoria Beckham who likes to pretend she was never involved. To tie in with these massive shows the English singer-songwriter has dropped a brand new little banger with Jax Jones to accelerate her disco meets synth-pop set. ‘One Touch’ is a great continuation of the sound she rolled into her sophomore record ‘Always In Between’ but also hears her slightly turning the volume up. The hopeless romantic track is a stadium banger waiting to be played live. “With just one touch, you take me there. Without your love, we go nowhere”. It’s hears her confessing her love for someone and how she can’t live without their touch. It’s cute. In saying that, this song is slightly predictable. As soon as you hear the opening chords you are already aware of where the song is sonically going to go. It doesn’t veer into any untapped territories nor does it try to complicate the structure. It’s just a clean cut disco meets EDM track that is meant to be treated as a hype single whilst she is on the road.