EP REVIEW: Jai Waetford – Figure It Out

Celebrating his growth and evolution as an artist, Jai Waetford’s fifth EP is a defining moment in his career. This collection of tracks hears the Sydney singer-songwriter transitioning from a pop-star to the musician he’s been working so hard to become. ‘Figure It Out’ showcases his growth in the most polished and profound way possible. Following in the footsteps of a string of singles that gravitated towards the new R&B format along with dark Hip-Hop influences, he has begun polishing up his production skills. This newfound maturity is also a representation of the musical preferences he’s listening to and the evolution that his peers and idols have also gone through.

Kicking off the five track EP with the title track ‘Figure It Out’, he dives straight into the heavy trap and R&B influences that he’s been exploring. His vocals have clearly matured over the years as his voice has broken and his new soulful tone has started to shine through. But he keeps it pretty laid back for this track as he bounces between a playful delivery that offers Latin influences and is clearly intended to be a hype track aimed for his new listeners. The singles ‘Friends’ and ‘Honestly’ featuring Camouflage Rose continues the high energy, with commercially friendly hooks and a hype generated feel. But it’s the mid-tempo R&B moment ‘Alone’ that really highlights the power of the next step of his artistry. This song has a seductive angle to it which is passionate, raw and honest. “Take you home and lay you down, my baby. Because I don’t wanna be alone”. It has this smooth and sexy vibe to it which you can’t help but immediately be drawn to. He then wraps up the brief five track reintroduction with the stripped back ‘Running Cold’. This song hears him returning to his roots but reimagining the direction with a mature twist. With just an acoustic guitar and his smooth harmonies keeping this track afloat he gives you everything that you wish Justin Bieber would also deliver. It’s the EP’s most simple moment but it’s also one of the most impactful because without all the production his raw talent is still there and shinning as bright as ever. This EP is a great reintroduction to who Jai Waetford really is as an artist after growing up in the spotlight and navigating his early adulthood at the same time. It’s mature, bold and definitive.

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