I will always remember listening to ‘I’ll Still Have Me’ for the first time. There was something about CYN’s emotional and heartfelt delivery that just broke through all my barriers and touched a special part of my heart. The production was very simple with a lonely guitar crooning through the first verse accompanied by her soft harmonies before strings were added to the mix. It had this very ambient meets cinematic feel to it which captivated listeners immediately. Continuing to grow her sound and evolve as an artist, CYN has dropped a moody new track with a new found attitude. ‘Holy Roller’ is a bold track that holds a certain quirk which is different compared to her previous material. The track reflects on the blind faith you can have in someone and the sacred dedication that follows. “I’m feeling like a holy roller, like I joined a cult. I’m feeling like a holy roller and it’s all your fault. I can’t repent for something I meant”. There’s a tongue in cheek feel to the song which will have you giggling along to some of the lyrics but there’s also a serious and heartfelt undertone to them at the same time. We’ve all experienced a moment where we’ve fallen head over heels for someone and followed blind into something unknown. It does feel like a cult as strange as that analogy or image might be for some. The pulsating guitar riffs that drive the chorus is reminiscent of Sasha Sloan and Verite and will have you tapping your feet along immediately and wanting to dive back into her diverse discography.