ALBUM REVIEW: Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated

Floating in dreamy nostalgic synths and 80’s inspired hooks, Carly Rae Jepsen’s fourth studio album ‘Dedicated’ is further proof that she is the pop star we need in the world. Majority of people dismiss her relevancy and raw talent because of the gimmicky foundations of her breakthrough single ‘Call Me Maybe’ but there is a lot deeper about Miss Jepsen that people need to discover. This record highlights her ability to create an infectious hook whilst delivering something that is experimental and fresh for the current musical climate. She’s stepping away from the standard EDM pop music which is over saturating our market and throwing it back to an era where pop music really thrived. From the opening gushes of ‘Julien’ she has pulsating synths coming through loud and clear on the euphoric singles ‘No Drug Like Me’, ‘Now That I Found You’, ‘Party For One’ and ‘Too Much’. But from there she gets even more playful and experimental with the classic 80’s inspired tracks ‘Want You In My Room’, ‘Everything He Needs’, ‘Automatically In Love’ and ’Happy Not Knowing’. These songs inhabit the core foundations of 80’s music but still manages to put her modern day pop polished twist on them. She gets funkier on ‘I’ll Be Your Girl’ with a slight ska twist that has the hook replaying over and over again in your head. “You’re my baby. Come to bed, I’ll be your girl. Living for you. Oh, but you’re living for her”. But the albums strongest moment comes from the unexpected ‘Real Love’. This track is one of Jepsen’s best songs in her discography. The euphoric feeling the song projects and the experimental production creates something that is not only memorable but immediately stands out. It’s a song that needs to become a single and needs to be embraced because it is an absolute banger. “I go everyday without it. All I want is real, real love”. Any album that she was going to release after ‘Emotion’ was going to be highly anticipated and she could have disappointed from all the hype. But she didn’t. Instead she delivered a killer album that continues the bold pop direction she’s headed towards. 

You can purchase a physical copy of ‘Dedicated’ from Sanity HERE; 

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