SINGLE REVIEW: OneRepublic – Rescue Me

Ever since the release of OneRepublic’s fourth studio album ‘Oh My My’, I’ve been questioning if the dynamic five piece had lost their spark. For this record they headed towards an EDM influenced pop sound that felt confused and uninspired. They were trying to keep up with the current trends surrounding them on the charts and lost their genuine soul in the process. Followed up by collaborations with Galantis and Seeb, their future looked predictable. So it’s safe to say when they announced their lead single for their fifth studio album I wasn’t really expecting much. So it came very much to my surprise that ‘Rescue Me’ was a bit of a bop. The upbeat pop-rock track implements the raw energy from their ‘Native’ era with the pulsating vibes of their newest material. The chorus has this captivating and fun energy to it that just has you wanting to sing at the top of your lungs. “Would you rescue me? Would you get my back? Would you take my call when I start to crack? Would you rescue me?”. It hears Ryan Tedder questioning the authenticity of someone and if they will have his back if everything goes wrong. It’s probably their catchiest song since ‘Counting Stars’ and that’s a fact. From a first listen you will be like “oh, they are serious aren’t they” because it really does have serious mainstream appeal without being too generic. I think what makes this song standout is the pulsating rhythm of the chorus because it’s infectious and bold. And whilst it may not be the most inventive song, it has a bold premise.