ALBUM REVIEW: Alex Lahey – The Best Of Luck Club

Alex Lahey’s debut album ‘I Love You Like A Brother’ was a bold and autobiographical affair that saw her gaining a lot of momentum in the Australian and international touring market. After impressing listeners with her quirky and relatable tracks, the Melbourne singer-songwriter has backed it up with a even bolder follow up. ‘The Best Of Luck Club’ is sonically bigger than it’s predecessor and hears her giving punchier hooks and deeper storylines. Album opener ‘I Don’t Get Invited To Parties Anymore’ is a track that has a lot of attitude, angst and is one that is going to really excel in her live show. She reflects on her hectic tour schedule and how it’s affected her relationships back home. “I don’t get invited to parties anymore. Oh, have I done something wrong is it ’cause I’m never home?”. It’s the double edged sword concept of having what you want but also having to make hard sacrifices along the way. Rolling into the bold singles ‘Am I Doing It Right?’ and ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ she continues the reflection on sacrifice and the hopeful premise that everything will get better no matter how bleak the future may look. Continually experimenting with new sounds she incorporates a saxophone solo at the end of ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ which is a very The 1975 moment and you can’t help but LOVE it. She then get’s very grunge inspired on ‘Interior Demeanour’ and the album highlight ‘Misery Guts’ which is reminiscent of her early material. This song has the albums most quotable lyrics and will have you heavily vibing; “You live in this world but I think it’s such a shame that you feel like there is value in people’s last names” and “if it was anyone but you I would not hesitate to let you know I’m not listening”. But it’s the quirky “you’ve got champagne taste on a beer can budget” lyric that takes the gold.

Switching it up yet again she channels her inner Harry Styles and Paul Kelly on the nostalgic track which is so polished and has this almost swing rock production twist. Reaching towards a cinematic approach on ‘I Need To Move On’, I can imagine this polished pop rock track to be played on an episode of The Bold Type as she searches for that confidence to move on from a relationship. Stripping it down with the guitar and piano ballad ‘Unspoken History’ she then closes the record with the romantic ‘I Want To Live With You’ which is a nostalgic and minimalistic number that is full of hope. “I want to live with you. I want to be where you wake up. I want to live with you. I don’t care where we end up”. It’s a song that ties together all the uncertainty that her earlier tracks described as she tries to figure out the complexities of balance in a hectic touring life that is full of sacrifice. The Best Of Luck Club is a short and punchy collection of tracks that hears Lahey opening up to listeners about how her life has changed and the focuses she wants to embrace. These tracks will continue to enhance her live show and see her touring more and giving bigger and punchier sets. 

You can purchase a physical copy of ‘The Best Of Luck Club’ HERE;

The Best Of Luck Club Australian Tour 

Thursday June 06 – The Governor Hindmarsh – Adelaide

Friday June 07 – Rock Rover – Fremantle

Thursday June 13 – The Tivoli – Brisbane

Friday June 14 – The Basement – Canberra

Saturday June 15 – Metro Theatre – Sydney

Saturday June 22 – Forum – Melbourne

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