SINGLE REVIEW: Adam Lambert – New Eyes

If you’ve been following Adam Lambert’s journey from the beginning you will know that he’s always loved game rock. His debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’ heard him dabbling with the glam rock themes whilst adding a pop polish. Now fronting the iconic band Queen, the singer-songwriter is heading further towards his roots for his forthcoming fourth record, ‘Velvet’. The lead single ‘New Eyes’ is the grittiest and purest we’ve heard Lambert go towards his glam rock roots and that’s an exciting development. Vividly inspired by the 70’s and 80’s, this track gives you dark guitar riffs and brooding drums that are lifted by soothing harmonies and long guitar notes during the chorus. Throughout the verses, his vocals have this seductive tone to them that will have you instantly captivated and listening to every word he says. The production is reminiscent to Harry Styles’ debut album and has this retrospective feel to it which is exciting and risky. It’s a song that radio is going to be unsure about playing straight away, but it’s got such a groovy and reminiscent tone to it that you can’t help but feel emotionally connected. The loved up track hears him opening up about falling in love and seeing things a little differently once someone came into his life. “You got those new eyes, honey. Virgin light blue skies, sunny. Everything that you try, everything gets you high, baby. I’d be so blind without your new eyes”. It’s an optimistic track that has a nostalgic soul and sounds the most genuine to who he wants to be as an artist. After all, this moody glam-rock sound doesn’t reach come as much of a shock after successfully fronting Queen for the past couple of years, does it? Of course he’s living his 70’s and 80’s rock fantasy right now.