SINGLE REVIEW: Madonna feat. Swae Lee – Crave

After a first listen of ‘Crave’ it becomes very apparent that this is the single that Madonna should have lead with for her fourteenth studio album ‘Madame X’. This track oozes an emotional side to the Queen Of Pop that we don’t always get to hear so vulnerably. Whilst this may not be a perfect pop song, it is on the right track. It hears the iconic singer-songwriter teaming up with fresh newcomer Swae Lee as she dives into the world of infatuation and the toxicity that can follow. “Ooh, my cravings get dangerous. Ooh, I don’t think we should play with this”. It has a catchy hip-hop meets RNB approach to the trap-pop beat. It’s sonically on the same wave length as Post Malone’s recent hits and because of that has a fresh edge to it. The only thing that makes the song feel unmemorable is the compromising approach of her vocals. The whole delivery hears her vocals being saturated by auto-tune and when you strip it all away, Madonna actually has very strong vocals so why not show that? Or if you are going to use auto-tune maybe not saturate it so much that it becomes annoying. However the inclusion of Swae Lee adds a much needed contrast to this song and offers smooth harmonies to the latter choruses. The concept of this song is a lot stronger than the other two “hype” tracks and has the most potential to make a somewhat impact.